Welcome to a random blog about One Star Jin Hyewon. I started this cause there weren't any before. I'm not fluent in korean so I will just post/reblog all the information if it was translated before and her kakaotalk or twitter updates.
"Too Late" MV(Eng. subs+Romanization+Hangul) 
"Too Late" Dance ver. 
"Too Late" 3D ver. 
100930 Too Late @M Countdown 
101001 Too Late @Music Bank 
101003 Too Late @Inkigayo 
101007 "Intro+Too Late @Music Core 
101008 Too Late @Music Bank 
101009 "Intro+Too Late @Music Core 
101014 "Intro Boys(Remix)+Too Late @M Count Down 
101016 Too Late @Music Core 
101017 Too Late @Inkigayo 
101018 Too Late @Chocolate(?) -Searching-
101019 Too Late @The M-Wave 
Since Here The Bbiribbom Bbaeribbom promotions starts.
101021 Too Late @M Countdown 
101022 Too Late @Music Bank 
101023 Too Late @Music Core 
101028 Too Late @M Countdown 
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